Apply for Death Certificate

A citizen can apply for a Service through following ways:

  1. Freezing of the application checks the complete inter relation between the various service requirements before activating the service
  2. View All Available Services is displayed on the screen.
  3. Click on Advance search. The list of services will be displayed.
  4. In action field you will get the application form link, after clicking on application form link you will get the application submission location form as screen below
  5. Select your location from the Service list of district Panchayat from a drop down list.
  6. After clicking on submit the Application form will be displayed.
  7. When you click on Next Button, you will move on enclosures
  8. Again when you click on Next Button, the charge screen will appear as below. If an online payment option is available for the service make payment option will be available. Make payment if required and click on submit.

You can track your application status by the following ways:

  1. Click on the option Citizen Section; Track Application Status available on the Homepage to open the form
  2. Track Application Status form is displayed on the screen. You will notice that there are certain fields marked with * sign, which means that they are mandatory for you and required to be filled in.
  3. Enter Application Number to tracking status of the application form. The status will be displayed.



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