Forest Department

District Environment Plan

About 41% part of the Koderma district is covered with forests.The total forest area of Koderma district is 64796.90 hectare is scattered in 309 forest villages as preotected forest under administrative control of Koderma Forest Division together with 15062.77 hectare scattered in 35 forest villages as a reserved forest. The reserved forest area of Koderma district is declared as wild life sanctuary and is under administrative control of wild life division Hazaribagh. The per capita forest area in hectare is 0.14. Sal is the main forest crop together with Bija, Gamhar, Khair, Palash, Salai, Semal, Bair, Arjun, Karam, Siris, Kaj, Kend, Mahulan, Mahua, Karanj, Ratti etc. Koderma forest area having Barakar, Sakri, Dhadhar and Telaiya River are the main river of koderma forest. Koderma Forest division is rich in geological assets with biggest concentration of Mica in the Country. Social Forestry division is also functioning in this district. There numbers are:

Details of animals in koderma forest
Animals Numbars Animals Numbars
Beer 192 Ralelint 178
Peacock 222 Pig 168
Wild Pig 966 Quill 42
Kotara 498 Partridge 1500
WanMurgi 2310 Wolf 36
Monkey 380 Elephant 05
Jackal 150 Huyna 12
Antelope 42 Sambar 120
Deer 918