Mines and Minerals

Koderma district is rich in minerals. The Koderma district and the Lokai-Indarwa area covers the southern part of Great Mica-Belt of Jharkhand, Bihar and India. Previously the Mica belt was known as Bihar mica belt which extends for a distance of 160 km having an average width of 25 kms. The mica belt strenches from Gurpa in Gaya district in the west through Nawada, Koderma, Hazaribag, Giridih in Jharkhand and Jamui as well as Bhagalpur district of the Bihar state in the east. Its maximum width is about 40 km at Koderma-Hazaribagh-Nawada area. The whole belt encompasses roughly 4,000 sq. km. around area and lies on the north fringe of Chotanagpur plateau and runs in an east-north east to west-southwest direction. Once upon a time Koderma district was famous for its mica production worldwide and the district is known as “Abarakh Nagari”. But gradually excavation of low quality of mica ore and high cost of production results in closure of mica related industry.

Minerals and Mining Companies Details
Sl.No Minerals Details
1 Mica Out of 8 (eight) mica industries are closed and only 2 (Two) is functional namely:
1. M/s Daruka & Company
2. M/s Vinod Bajaj Mica plates and powder are being exported.
2 Quartz It is found along with mica. It is used in computer chips, in electrical instruments, in high power lenses etc. Only one M/s Sahana Minerals makes powder from Quartz.
3 Felspar Only one M/s Sahana mineral makes powder form this mineral.
4 Tourmaline It is found as associate mineral
5 Moonstones It is found as prematured stage
  1. Koderma District Survey Report (PDF 92 KB )
  2. District Survey Report (PDF 4.0 MB))
  3. Progress Report of Small Stone Mining Lease (PDF 4.2 MB))