Caste Residential income Certificate

A citizen can apply for a Service through following ways:

  1. Online: A citizen can apply for a service of his/her state via online with or without registration as per the service definition.
  2. Kiosk: A citizen can contact Kiosk of his/her area for applying a service. You can check the details of Kiosk under “Kiosk details” while clicking on the particular service.
  3. In person: A citizen can also apply for a service either by downloading application form online and submit it at the concerned office or can take the application form directly from the office.

You can track your application status by the following ways:

  1. To get the status of the application, click on Track Application Status Report link available under Citizen Section
  2. You can also check the application status using your credentials (username and password). Click on the Login link available on the ServicePlus Home page. Then enter the username and password provided to you. Once you logged- in, click on Track Application Status link provided under View Status of Application.,/li>

Following are the instructions to use DSC:

  1. Download the respective Driver of your Digital Signature Card.
  2. Download the Java version 1.7 in your System
  3. Go to Control Panel –> Program –> Java –> General –>Temporary Internet File –>Settings –>Delete All Files
  4. Go to Control Panel –> Program –> Java –>Security –>Edit Site List –>Add the Service Plus URL and bring Security Level to medium.
  5. After login (Officials Only) –> Click on DSC Management –> Click on register your DSC.



Location : Collectoriate Building | City : koderma | PIN Code : 825410