All the district GPF offices are computerized using Unix / Foxbase database by NIC since 1997.

  1. In the year 2001, NIC started the upgradation activity for the GPF Computerization.
  2. A software was designed and developed in the client server architecture using SQL Server database and Visual Basic as front end. The system has been made operational at the State Directorate.
  3. The subscribers data is put to the NIC server to make the reports available on the GPF web site.
  4. With the introduction of new CPF program and the required integration of treasury schedules, the existing software is being further improvised to accommodate the CPF data management and integration with the Treasury schedules, captured during the Treasury computerization

Sailent Features

  1. The details like subscribers, nominee, opening balances and contributions are maintained in digital format.
  2. Enhanced Security Features are incorporated. o The system facilitates various MIS reports.
  3. The subscribers data is made available on the NIC server through web interface with proper user authentication.
  4. Integration with e-Treasury has been  done .